Why are my measurements already estimated?

DeBonair Suave owns a technology that will estimate your measurements using your height, weight, age and body constitution.

This algorithm has been evolving during the last 10 years. Nowadays, technology allows us to create predictive systems that can predict any of your measurements with high accuracy, just knowing a few information about you. On the other hand, we can only do this because we have been measuring hundreds of thousands of customers, and we fed our algorithm with all that information.

To sum up, we offer you a very powerful tool that is useful, as it helps you to get measured faster. On the other hand, it also and helps our tailors, because mistakes can happen, and this tool allows us to detect almost all of them, before tailoring the garment

If you don’t rely on our algorithm, you can take any measurement and input it in your measurements profile.

Finally, if you feel that we are not asking you for a specific measurement or you want to specify a particularity of your body, just contact us here: