The product is not exactly as I ordered it (missing extra, style change,...)

We are sorry to hear this, we will try to fix this issue as soon as possible for you. You just need to open a Support Ticket following these steps:

  1. Go to your Orders History area and click on “Open Support Ticket”*
  2. Select Other
  3. Fill the information that will be asked about the issue. It’s really important to give accurate and precise information in order to get the optimal solution.
  4. Don

You’ll see that the process is very straightforward and easy. After that, a member of our customer satisfaction department will contact you to look for the best and fastest option to fix it. Our commitment is to have this issue solved as fast as possible so you can enjoy your new perfectly-fitted garment as soon as possible :-)

* If you can’t see the “Open Support Ticket” means it has been more than 7 days after the order was placed, so you can’t open a ticket anymore.