Is your shipping/packaging Ecological?

Ecology is an important matter for us. That’s why we keep looking for new ways of reducing the ecological footprint of our deliveries. On one hand, we try to reduce the fuel consumption of our deliveries. We achieve that optimizing the size and format of the packaging where you receive your order. On the other hand, we are continuously looking for new materials that are more ecological, more recyclable or reusable, to package your orders.

This means that for us is more important that your package is ecological, rather than beautiful. This could be difficult to understand from a marketing point of view. We strongly believe that it would be irrisponsible to use non-ecological materials in a package whose useful lifetime is maximum 5 days.

Unfortunately, depending on the country we can use one or other type of packaging, rest assured it will be the most ecological we can use, ensuring an optimal delivery to your place.