I want to add another product to my order to be eligible for a promotion

You can apply a voucher or discount promo code to an order you placed in the past, in case that:

  1. The promotion was active when the order was placed
  2. Your order is eligible for the promotion
  3. It’s been no more than 24h since you placed the order.

So, first of all, you need to add the product to your previous order. In order to do this:

  1. Login to your account: Link to login
  2. Design your new product or pick it from a collection and add it to the cart.
  3. You will see a new option that encourages you to join the new product to a prior order.

Important: if you are not logged in, you won’t see this option. Remember to log-in first!

*Second, you need to contact customer service here. Please send us the order numbers in order to check them.

Important: in case you the three conditions before aren’t met, unfortunately, we can’t apply the discount to your order.

If you have further questions you can contact us using the contact form: