A product does not fit me

We are really sorry about this. We know that mistakes may happen, so we got you covered. For situations like this, we created the “Perfect Fit Guarantee”. Thanks to it, we will either:

  1. Cover for the expenses to fix your garment at a local tailor (up to 25% of the product price).
  2. Re-make it again (in the unfortunate case that your garment can’t be fixed by a tailor).

  1. Fill the information that will be asked about the issue. It’s really important to give accurate and precise information to get the optimal solution.
  2. Done

You’ll see that the process is very straightforward and easy. Our commitment is to have this issue solved as fast as possible so you can enjoy your new perfectly-fitted garment as soon as possible :-)

* If you can’t see the “Open Support Ticket” means it has been more than 30 days after the order was placed, so you can’t open a ticket anymore.